Unlock the Full Value of Your ATM Fleet with a New Level of Personalization & Convenience

Above all, members desire a seamless and secure financial experience, through channels that best suit their current needs. When your ATMs offer a personal touch with the speed and convenience of mobile, you create a cohesive experience for members that they can rely on time and time again—no matter how they choose to interact with you. 

Take advantage of these member experience features while you upgrade your ATMs as part of your Windows 10 initiative: 

  • Balance Inquiry Choice: Allow members to check their account balances before making other transactions. 

  • Bill Dispense Mix Choice: Let your members determine bill denominations when they withdraw cash. 

  • Card Before Cash Option: Return your member’s debit card before dispensing cash. No more leaving cards behind! 

  • Cardholder Preference: Let your members set fast cash amount, language, and receipt preferences. 

  • Enhanced UI Tile Interface: Dynamic interface that delivers the ease and intuitiveness of a smartphone display with an intuitive touch-screen experience.

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ATM Enhancement Offerings

Depending on the ATM software, the features above may be available to bundle with your Windows 10 updates—giving you all the value of a superior member experience, while ultimately saving you time and money. You may also contact your ATM vendors for support of some of these features. 

Get Started in 3 Steps 

Step 1: Fill out the form on this page. Your CO-OP rep will be in touch to answer any questions and provide more information on the Windows 10 platform, vendor certification timing, how to get started and what to expect during an implementation. 

Step 2: Work with your CO-OP rep to understand your implementation timeline, hardware and software requirements and member engagement opportunities. 

Step 3:
Get in line to schedule your implementation by working with CO-OP and your vendor.