Latest Technology Offers a New Level of Personalization and Convenience

Members want to connect with your credit union through channels that best suit their needs – and they want those channels to deliver a seamless experience, too. So when your ATM offers the personal touch of the branch, as well as the speed and convenience of mobile, you build a cohesive experience for members, no matter how they choose to interact with you.

Upgrade your NCR and Diebold Nixdorf ATMs now with Cardholder Preferences, Bill Mix Choice, Card Before Cash, and Balance Inquiry First (Diebold Vista), as well as the new dynamic interface that delivers the ease and intuitiveness of a smartphone display.

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What's New at the CO-OP ATM

CO-OP continues to advance the ATM platform on both the front and back ends, with new features that streamline navigation for members and make it easier for you to manage your fleet. The latest enhancements include:

  • Cardless Cash Access: Members will be able pre-stage an ATM cash withdrawal from their mobile phones, walk up to an ATM, scan the QR code and access their money. No card or PIN needed! 
  • Multi-Currency Capability at ATMs: Diebold, NCR and Wincor ATMs now support both US dollars and euros, great for locations at international markets or with heavy tourist traffic.
  • Multi-Vendor Management: No more managing the fleet from a variety of platforms: credit unions with a mix of Diebold, NCR or Wincor ATMs can now manage the entire fleet from one place. All hardware must be compatible with Diebold Vista 5.2.3 or higher.
  • Iterative Software/HardwareATMs driven by CO-OP now support Nautilus Hyosung MX8800 model hardware and the latest Diebold Vista 5.2.3 ATM software.