COOPER helps credit unions predict, prevent and adapt to fraud through advanced machine learning technology

With billions of transactions processed every year, payments are becoming increasingly sophisticated. However, as payment technology evolves, so do fraudsters and fraud attacks.  Who can help credit unions keep up? COOPER can. 

As a comprehensive, data-driven machine learning platform, COOPER understands the complex patterns of fraud and can help credit unions exceed the pace of fraudsters. COOPER works behind the scenes to predict, prevent and adapt to complex fraud patterns—while still preserving the credit union and member experience:

  • Predict: COOPER uses member transaction and spending patterns to identify abnormal behavior. 

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  • Prevent: COOPER provides alerts on suspicious transaction activity allowing for the fraudulent network transaction to be stopped quickly.

  • Adapt: By using machine learning, COOPER can adapt and react to evolving fraud trends and learn with every interaction and piece of data it ingests.

COOPER will offer credit unions the ability to fight fraud at a faster pace than ever before, and CO-OP is helping to bring that opportunity within reach. Sign up to stay in the loop on developments as soon as they become available.