Empower your members in the fight against fraud

CO-OP’s Fraud Alerts employ a precisely timed, multi-channel strategy to ensure members are informed about suspicious card activity as rapidly as possible.

Here’s how it works:

When a suspicious transaction occurs on a members account CO-OP’s Fraud Alerts takes action. An initial SMS text message is deployed to a member followed by an email, cellular voice message and home-phone voice message if this contact information is available on file. Each communication attempt occurs 15 minutes after the preceding contact. The member can then take immediate action to block the card from being used further if there is indeed fraud occurring.

These notifications allow credit unions to:

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To request more information on Fraud Alerts please contact your CO-OP Client Service Executive or Client Business Executive, call 800.782.9042, email or complete this form.

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  • Generate faster response from cardholders via mobile reply. Connect with cardholders anytime, anywhere—at home, at work and on the go. 
  • Create better member experiences. Quickly rectify false positives so members can keep using their cards and subsidize the cost of fraud alerts to alleviate the cost burden from members. 
  • Reduce fraud losses. Faster responses from members allow for faster fraud identification and prevention. 
  • Increase cardholder engagement & build loyalty. Engage members in the fight against fraud and level the playing field with larger financial institutions that offer this service.