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The eBook, Security Innovations for the Changing Face of Fraud, provides critical data on the current state of fraud and how credit unions can better position themselves in this continual battle. To receive your eBook, complete the form today.

The eBook examines: 

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According to The Nilson Report, global card fraud increased by 20.6 percent in 2015. JAVELIN research published on Creditcards.com projects that the total value of fraudulent card-not-present transactions alone will approach $19 billion this year. How can credit unions protect themselves against this increasingly sophisticated—and costly—menace?

  • False positives and how to reduce their impact on members and revenue
  • Why fraud-strategy rules must be adjusted
  • How to shore up the back office with fraud-prevention tools such as Falcon Fraud Manager
  • The role that machine learning plays in detecting fraud
  • How to prevent ATM skimming
  • Checklist for credit unions and members
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